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May 26, 2007

Latest wpmu-topposts plugin

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Version 0.42.4 of wpmu-topposts plugin now available…

Lots of changes:

  • Added support for top_blogs(), same calling convention as top_posts() but returns
    top blogs based on total hits to the blog for all posts on the blog.
  • Added a couple new arguments to top_posts() include a new max_per_blog which if set
    to 1 will limit the posts to 1 per blog.
  • Added days_back argument which will limit the stats to a certain number of days
    into the past.
  • Added many new formatting arguments to make it easyer to use the get_*_html functions
    and get the formating you want.
  • Fixed a couple bugs that would cause cache corruption (removed a call to
    update_post_caches() which was definitley corrupting the post cache)
  • Also correctly call switch_to_blog() in the get_*_html functions so that the
    blog template tags actually work properly.

Definitely my favorite new feature is the max_per_blog since it uses cool nested queries in SQL. yummy!

Here are some usage examples:

This will give you top posts in an ORDERED list, with hits included surrounded by square brackets.


This will give you top blogs in an UNORDERED list, without hits included.


As always, get the latest code here


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